The Liebster Award

Thanks to Cat over at CatRambles who just honored this blog with The Liebster Blog Award.  What is that, you’re probably wondering, as was I.  The Liebster Award is a way to showcase a blog you think deserves merit and more followers.  (If you have more than 200 followers, you’re not eligible for this award.)

Of course there is no obligation to take part, but if you’d like to show some Liebster Love, here are the rules:

1.  Link back to the blogger who awarded you.                                                               2.  Tag 3-5 blogs to receive the award.
3.  Inform them of their nomination.                                                                                4.  Display the Liebster Award image on your blog.

After much thought, here are my nominations.  Click on the names to check them out, because we all know that  bloggers need support out here in Blogland.

1.  SpiritandTruth.  A newly-married 20something couple (she a pharmacist, he a seminary student) in Southern Cal share their take on life, and let me tell you, they are much more enlightened than I at that age.  The most recent posts detail their spring excursion to Israel.  The writing is engaging and the photos put you right there alongside them.

2.  Cha Cha Chronicles.  A delightful Momoir blog.  She is a communications major who for now is pouring her creativity into making a home for two adorable little boys and a hubby.  And blogging about them.  I wish I’d had a blog when my kids were little.  They inspired a lot of writing and I still come across scraps of them in cookbooks, junk drawers, and manila folders.

3.  Claire McA. The tagline for this one is Books, Journeys, & Places I Love.  The emphasis in on books, however, a particular passion of mine.  You will love her insights and reviews –  both thoughtful and thorough.

4.  Down Dog Blog.  The author blogs about the gifts that yoga can bring into our life, if we will just try it.  I, too, practice yoga regularly and find many useful resources here.

5.  Oscar Hokeah.  A creative and talented writer that I enjoy reading.  He’s working on a MFA at OU and I’m envious.  Now even if I could, I wouldn’t change my life for anything – I think we’re all starring in the most perfect play about our own life and we’re where we’re supposed to be at this moment in time.  But….. I sometimes do wonder what it would be like to totally immerse myself in creative or critical writing for a significant amount of time, with more feedback than I could probably handle.  Maybe one day.  In the meantime, I live it vicariously through Oscar and this blog for intellectually excitable readers.


3 responses to “The Liebster Award

  1. Congratulations on the award!

  2. Thank you Candyce for your thoughtful comments and kindness, I will honour the Leibster tradition very soon. Bonne Continuation, Claire

  3. OK, its up now thaks again for the mention.

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