Will Write For Food

As I returned to this writing gig, a piece of dubious advice kept surfacing:  Invest in professional stationary and business cards.  I held off for a while because I wasn’t convinced they were necessary.  I write nonfiction, and most of my targeted markets prefer queries by email.  Many also prefer submissions in the body of an email, making cover letters unnecessary.

But I got an email from Vista Print offering free business cards and free shipping with the purchase of stationary.  So I bit.  I spent some time trying different designs and customizing suggested wording to fit my needs.  I decided to omit my original tagline –  will write for food — as it wasn’t quite the professional tone I was going for, and insert the url for my blog instead.  The process required about a two-hour investment of  time and around $65.00.  And I have to say that I’m pleased with the beautiful results and the cost.

This week I found a potential market for an article idea I’m shopping around and the magazine wanted queries the old-fashioned way.  I printed one out on my new stationary, delighted that I had something to use besides the cheap 20 pound bright white paper from Office Depot.  I’m not sure how to use the business cards yet.  The back side is the perfect size for my daily to-do lists, however.

How about you?  Are stationary and business cards necessary for how you conduct your writing biz in this digital age?


2 responses to “Will Write For Food

  1. I love Vistaprint and use them to create business cards and postcards for my Aromatherapy business and for my teaching, but as I only have one paid writing job for now I haven’t splashed out yet on a writing card, but I definitely see the potential and use of them, especially if you do any networking or attend seminars or events.

    I have a feeling you are going to discover more about the reason you need them in the coming months. They may just inspire the imagination as well.

  2. I love Vistaprint as well and I love the template you chose for your business, it’s really pretty. I had “writer” business cards done before my first book came out. It was part of building readership for my blog, who is also my writing website. So every time I have to give my information to someone it already has my website, my email and I’ve noticed that it has increased the number of people subscribed and the daily hits…it’s a slow process but as long as it’s upward it’s worth it

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