Candyce Carden-Deal

Writer,  Teacher, Mother, Lover of Literature, Travel, Food, Health & Fitness

We all have many roles in life.  And those roles are ever-evolving.  But what I’m discovering is that who we were in the beginning — a unique child of God — never really changes.  Though life lays many layers on us and often makes us forget who we are, if we’re very lucky, we will arrive at a place one day where we begin to shed those layers and return to our dreams.

A Return to Writing:  I started out a writer.  I remember my first story at age 6 titled “Mr Green.”  I wrote it during the magic of December and the main character was a Christmas tree, thus the title.  Get it?  My first grade teacher loved it.  From then on, I had an answer when asked, “What are you going to do when you grow up?”

Then life happened.  I found myself married with teaching degrees and woke up one day with three kids.  But I still managed to write.  I published little mothering essays.  I wrote articles for parents and educators.  I created preschool Sunday School curriculum and devotionals for teachers.   Not exactly what I had in mind when I was young and picturing my future.  But my life’s path paved the way for me to write.  My three children provided me lots of fodder to work with.  My work as a teacher armed me with ideas to share.

Time trekked along.  The kids grew and life got busier.  Rejections discouraged.  I lost the passion and the energy and gave up writing.

But nothing is more real than a dream.  Now that the kids have left home, I have the freedom to live a more creative and flexible life.  The need to write burns again.  Besides I’m tired of working 8 to 5.

So I’m quitting my day  job to write.  I created this blog to share my journey and the resources I’m discovering as I strive to find my niche.


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